Lashana Lynch as Binary in The Marvels.

The Marvels: Lashana Lynch Addresses Binary’s MCU Future

The Marvels star Lashana Lynch recently addressed the many different directions her character, X-Men member Binary, could go in following her shocking introduction in the mid-credits scene of the 2023 Marvel Cinematic Universe movie.

While promoting her latest movie, Bob Marley: One Love, Lynch was asked during two separate interviews if she could share anything about Binary’s MCU future. Unfortunately for fans, the actor remarked that she doesn’t know what Marvel Studios has in store for the superhero, telling Screen Rant, “That’s a big question. Firstly, I don’t know. I don’t know anything. Because I know that whenever we’re asked a Marvel question, it’s like we know something, but I genuinely don’t.”

Lashana Lynch reveals dream MCU pairings

However, she did share who she would like to share screen time with in the MCU and it includes her on-screen daughter, Monica Rambeau, played by Teyonah Parris. “I think Teyonah Paris is absolutely excellent. It’s been an honor being able to play her mom, which is strange because we’re a similar age,” she said. “So her… The original Avengers lot, I just love them and I didn’t get to work with everyone in my time in the franchise, so they would be brilliant to bring back. I love Tom Holland. He’s brilliant.”

She added that she would love to see Marvel Studios bring together the Infinity and Multiverse Saga casts for a future project, believing that the finished result would “be beautiful, to be able to really see some new energy with some of the most classic Marvel energy.”

Will Binary be part of Marvel’s X-Men reboot?

While speaking with, Lynch was asked if The Marvels’ mid-credits scene, which featured Binary talking to the X-Men’s Beast about Monica Rambeau, was meant to suggest that she would be part of Marvel Studios’ upcoming X-Men reboot.

“That’s not a sentence that’s been put to me at all; we’ve not had a conversation about that,” she confessed. “I dipped in for, I think a day. I think I had one day on that film which is wild for it to be so impactful. I was there for a day because I was on Matilda at the time, so that’s wild.”

However, while some MCU fans might be frustrated not knowing when Binary will pop up next, Lynch is fine not knowing what the future holds for the character, saying, “I used to find it a little bit of a hindrance to not know as I like to know what’s coming and plan, but I love now that I don’t know.”

She continued, “I love that I didn’t know that was happening. That’s something that came across time as a slow plan. Well, for me, anyway. They probably had it planned the whole time.”

The Marvels is streaming on Disney+

In The Marvels, Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel (Brie Larson), Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel (Iman Vellani), and Monica Rambeau’s powers become entangled, forcing this unlikely trio to team up and learn to work together to stop Dar-Benn and save the universe.

Besides the aforementioned names, The Marvels stars Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury), Gary Lewis as Emperor Dro’ge, and Park Seo-joon as Prince Yan, among others.

Directed by Nia DaCosta, The Marvels is available to stream on Disney+.