An Alan Wake TV Series is in Development at AMC

The next big video game adaptation is coming to AMC. Via Deadline, the cable network has secured the rights to develop a new TV series based on Remedy Entertainment’s Alan Wake.

Alan Wake came out on the Xbox 360 twelve years ago today in 2010, five years after it was first announced at E3 2005. The game centered on its namesake character, a bestselling crime fiction author suffering from writer’s block. To help him find inspiration, Alan’s wife, Alice, brings him to a remote cabin (which, honestly, should have been the first red flag) in the fictional town of Bright Falls, Washington. Things take a turn for the worse when Alice suddenly goes missing, and Alan also discovers several events from his latest book coming to life.

Remedy creative director Sam Lake announced the news about the upcoming TV series in a video posted to celebrate the game’s 12th anniversary. He and Alan’s facial model, Ilkka Villi, also shared a few other updates about the franchise’s future.

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“AMC, the wonderful, wonderful home for absolutely brilliant TV shows has bought the rights for Alan Wake,” said Lake. “We have been collaborating on making a TV show happen. Nothing more to share at the moment, but we will certainly let you know when there is something to announce.”

Showrunner Peter Calloway (a veteran of Legion and Cloak & Dagger) began developing an Alan Wake series in 2018. However, it’s not clear if Calloway is involved with this latest iteration of the project. Details about AMC’s current plans for the show are slim. Regardless, gamers will be able to revisit the title character soon enough. After being released on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 4 and 5 last fall, Alan Wake Remastered will also be available for the Nintendo Switch later this year. A sequel to the original game is also still scheduled to arrive in 2023.

Do you think Alan Wake can work as a TV series? Who would you cast as Alan? Tell us your picks in the comment section below!

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