Reina Hardesty Becomes Third Lead to Leave The Boys Spinoff

The Vought corporation can be ruthless when it wants to be. Anyone outliving their usefulness to the company may find themselves dropped as clients or employees in a heartbeat. And that’s if they’re lucky. In the real world, TV productions are less murderous than Vought and its ever-merchandisable Supes. They are, however, equally subject to changes in creative direction. As such, the still-unnamed college-based spinoff of The Boys just lost its third lead, actress Reina Hardesty. According to Deadline, “The character Hardesty was originally cast to play has been redeveloped by the series’ new showrunners, and the role will be recast.”

Hardesty brought some existing comic book clout to the production, after previously playing Weather Witch in The CW’s Arrow-verse. A meteorologist turned bad with the aid of a dangerous weather-controlling staff, she took on the Flash before reappearing in Crisis on Infinite Earths. Now she follows Aimee Carrero and Shane Paul McGhie in exiting The Boys‘ live-action spinoff before it begins.

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Set to focus on the X-Men spoofing G-Men, The Boys spinoff centers on a Vought-branded college for aspiring Supes. Students compete for valuable hero contracts in major cities while testing their physical, sexual, and moral boundaries. Casual mentions of The Hunger Games in the show’s initial description suggest not all students will make it out alive, by design. Deadline’s report mentions that showrunners Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters have shifted creative direction since coming aboard, which led to the recastings.

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