Gen V early reviews The Boys spin-off

Gen V Early Reviews Praise The Boys’ Spin-off for Being ‘Bloody,’ Having ‘Meaningful Depth’

Early reviews for Gen V are praising The Boys‘ spin-off series for its gore, heart, and more.

Developed by Craig Rosenberg, Evan Goldberg, and Eric Kripke, Gen V is a new series that serves as a spin-off to Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys. Based on the “We Gotta Go Now” storyline by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, Gen V stars Jay Sinclair, Chance Perdomo, Lizze Broadway, Maddie Phillips, Derek Luh, Asa Germann, and Shelley Conn.

What are people saying about Gen V?

Critic Zach Pope wrote about Gen V, “I expected it to just be edgy, hilarious, over the top fun… but it actually has some meaningful depth to it all. Primarily with its characters from a different generation. Jaz Sinclair is a standout alongside her blood powers!”

Agents of Fandom’s Adam Blevins largely agreed and called the series “perfect television,” while critic Nicola Austin wrote, “Gen V is just as bonkers, bloody & hilarious as [The Boys], but with some fantastic new characters & a gripping mystery at its heart. There’s plenty of fun references sprinkled throughout the horny YA spinoff, with a hilarious X-Men/The Hunger Games parallel.”

Variety’s Alison Herman said Gen V has the same “edge, cynicism and (aptly) adolescent humor that makes its parent show tick, suggesting The Boys is far from the creative fatigue now plaguing juggernauts like the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Hollywood Reporter’s Daniel Fienberg also gave the series a positive review, saying, “Although the new series is still deeply invested in transposing our internal goo to the outside, it does some new things with its corporeal spatter.”

When does Gen V come out?

The first three episodes of Gen V hit Amazon Prime Video on September 29, 2023. The remaining five episodes will proceed to drop weekly on Fridays until the season finale airs on November 3, 2023. 

“Set in the diabolical world of The Boys, Gen V expands the universe to Godolkin University, the prestigious superhero-only college where students train to be the next generation of heroes – preferably with lucrative endorsements,” the official synopsis reads. “You know what happens when supes go bad, but not all superheroes start out corrupt. Beyond the typical college chaos of finding oneself and partying, these kids are facing explosive situations…literally. As the students vie for popularity and good grades, it’s clear that the stakes are much higher when super powers are involved. When the group of young supes discover that something bigger and sinister is going on at school, they’re put to the test: will they be the heroes or the villains of their stories?”