James Gunn Shot More Footage of Peacemaker’s Surprise Cameo

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for Peacemaker’s first season finale!

Given how loose the continuity of the DCEU is these days, it’s still a surprise that James Gunn was able to get even two members of the Justice League to show up in last month’s Peacemaker season finale. In one of the episode’s final scenes, Jason Momoa and Ezra Miller reprised their roles as Aquaman and The Flash (alongside silhouettes of Superman and Wonder Woman) for an exchange that poked fun at rumors about Arthur Curry’s…uh…relationship with sea life. And according to Gunn himself, their conversation could have been a lot longer.

Speaking with Total Film (via GamesRadar+), Gunn claimed that he shot some additional footage of Arthur and Barry Allen’s discussion. He didn’t say whether these lines were scripted or merely a testament to Miller’s improv skills. But it sounds like the characters’ dialogue had the crew in stitches during filming.

“I have tons of stuff I didn’t use,” revealed Gunn. “Ezra went on – and I’m not kidding – for 16 minutes about Aquaman having sex with fish. It was really funny.”

The Justice League was mentioned numerous times throughout Peacemaker’s first season. Regardless, most fans probably weren’t expecting the heroes to actually show up onscreen. But when they did make an appearance, it made the finale that much better (though Gunn had to fight to make it a reality).

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“It was done through pure force of will on my part, of really pushing it to happen,” added Gunn. “I think everybody read it in the script, agreed to it, and then it became [a thing], and they realized what a big f***ing deal it was.”

Aside from a new season of Peacemaker, Gunn is also working with HBO Max on another DC series. And he says we can expect even more big-name cameos in both projects down the line.

“I think we’re going to see more connections in some other stuff as we move forward with Peacemaker and other shows at HBO Max,” teased Gunn. “So those [cameos] will keep coming. I don’t know if the Justice League is going to show up in every season of Peacemaker; that might be a one-time thing. We’ll see!”

All eight episodes of Peacemaker season 1 are streaming on HBO Max.

Would you like to see the extended version of Arthur and Barry’s conversation? Let us know in the comment section below!

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