Hot Toys’ Peacemaker and Eagly Figure Set Is No Joke

Collectors, you know you really wanna, really wanna take this. The actor behind the helmet, John Cena, frequently finds himself the butt of invisibility jokes, but we can all see this Hot Toys Peacemaker figure. Mainly because it also has Eagly! The beaked sidekick who’s sometimes less helpful than others includes two sets of wings, for a powerful or passive pose. As for Christopher Smith himself, he includes a removable tongue, for particularly excitable expressions. Preorder for $275 when ready.

One thing he doesn’t have, because of DC/WB corporate restrictions, is a gun he can hold. The pistol sees representation only as a non-removable part of his ammo belt. As with the McFarlane version, an ax and sword will have to do for weapon-wielding poses.

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From the official description: “the 1/6th scale figure features a newly developed helmet head and an interchangeable helmet covered in silver chrome finish with details, an attachable tongue to create alternate expressions, a specially tailored outfit, weapons including a sword, an axe, and a figure stand. The sidekick of the show – Eagly will also come as a sixth sixth scale accessory with spread wings for a complete collector experience.”

Get a load of the antihero and his pal in the gallery below. Will you bring home the peace? Let us know in comments below.

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