Master Chief Seeks Answers in a New Clip From Halo

After spending years in development hell, the premiere of Halo is just two days away. So far, the early word on the series has been mostly positive, even if it does deviate from the video games that inspired it. But ahead of the show’s debut this week, Paramount+ has released a clip that shows Pablo Schreiber’s Master Chief interacting with Yerin Ha’s Kwan Ha, a brand new addition to the Halo mythos.

The clip picks up sometime after the United Nations Space Command (UNSC) takes Kwan Ha as a prisoner. And if the blood on her face is any indication, she probably didn’t come quietly. Her isolation is suddenly interrupted by Master Chief, who enters her cell and begins running a diagnostic test on himself. Apparently, their latest ordeal left the Chief feeling unwell; which is something Kwan Ha picks up on as he checks for “abnormalities” in his armor.

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It’s still a bit strange to hear anyone other than Steve Downes providing the character’s voice. Regardless, Schreiber handles the Chief’s taciturn personality in his own way. The clip also reveals a live-action version of the Chief’s iconic heads-up display from the games, complete with radar in the bottom left corner. All that’s missing is a health bar and an ammo counter.

Halo will air its first episode this Thursday, March 24 on Paramount+.

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