Meet Marc Spector in Marvel’s Latest Moon Knight Promo

Inner monologues have long been a regular staple of superhero comics. But they’re typically jettisoned whenever these heroes make the jump to live-action film and TV projects. Regardless, Moon Knight isn’t like other superheroes. And in the latest promo for his upcoming Disney+ series, he takes “talking to yourself” to a whole new level. Meet Marc Spector.

Most of Moon Knight’s marketing has focused on the title character’s Steven Grant personality (and Oscar Isaac’s goofy British accent). But in a new teaser, we finally get to meet his Marc Spector persona, and he also converses with Steven via reflections in windows and frosted glass. Unlike Steven, Marc is strictly American. He also harbors a few deadly secrets that come to light when Steven uncovers a duffel bag with, among other things, a handgun inside. The teaser’s “Secret Agent” tag hints at Marc’s military background from the comics. But according to the man himself, it’s more complicated than that.

You can watch the new preview below.

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The promo highlights plenty of new action from the series, including an appearance by Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow and more of the high-octane car chase from January’s teaser trailer. We also get new shots of Steven/Marc in full Moon Knight regalia as he uses his crescent darts to take down his enemies.

Moon Knight will premiere on Disney+ on March 30.

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