Moon Knight Featurette Invokes Fight Club and Indiana Jones

It may turn out to just be as superficial as Egypt plus archeologist plus split personality, but in the new Moon Knight featurette, costar May Calamawy comapres the Disney+ series to Fight Club and Indiana Jones. The latter, clearly, has the sort of adventurous tone Marvel Studios nearly always goes for. The former…seems a bit more adult, and perhaps closer to the wheelhouse of Zack Snyder fans. But it most likely speaks to the dissociative nature of a character like Tyler Durden, who doesn’t initially realize he is both sides of his own conversation.

Marc, Steven, Moon Knight, Mr. Knight…they may have more than one issue between them. And per Oscar Isaac, the show leans into that. At the same time, Kevin Feige reassures us it will do so in a very visually cool way. We could see the most unstable Marvel protagonist since Wanda.

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Take a look at the video below:

We get some new footage, including another transformation scene. And some clarity that Egypt may feature more as a setting than previously depicted. But for Marc, or Steven, the show seems determined to put the “luna” back into “lunacy.”

Marvel Studios also revealed three new posters focused on different personalities. Take a look in the mini-gallery below.

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