The Mandalorian’s Emily Swallow Describes Acting Under the Helmet

As the member of the Mandalorian Watch known only as the Armorer, Emily Swallow metes out harsh discipline upon those who’d dare remove their helmets. In reality, she can understand why. It’s not easy to engage in any kind of action under that Mandalorian headgear. In an interview with, she describes how the process goes for her.

“It was a lot of experimenting. It was a lot of running into each other,” she says. “We would bonk helmets with each other; I was tripping on things in my forge. I mean, if we had all of the behind-the-scenes footage put together from those episodes, we would have a Three Stooges reel because it was just ridiculous!” [Memo to Disney: yet another reason to do a Blu-ray release!]

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Swallow credits the Star Wars directors and editors for helping her look so efficient, saying, “It was very disorienting, especially because it was already dimly lit in that room. And then you put on, essentially, sunglasses and you have no peripheral vision. If you tilt your head to look down, it’s very distracting. And for a character like that who’s supposed to be very confident and very measured and who definitely does not look down to check where she’s going, I realized I couldn’t do that.”

On the other hand, there’s one great advantage. “I save like an hour and a half when I get to set. I don’t have to go to hair and makeup, and that’s awesome.”

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