It’s an Elitist Walking Dead Halloween in the Newest Clip

Fresh off co-starring in Eternals, Lauren Ridloff is back to the role in which we know her best. Connie, now working as a reporter in the commonwealth, attends a Halloween party. Because, frankly, every good horror series needs a Halloween episode, even in February. It allows for ironic juxtaposition of masks and real monsters, and we’d put money on walkers hiding behind a mask or two at some point. Not subtly, though. But The Walking Dead Halloween has other issues, because as they always say, this show isn’t about the zombies, but the characters. And Pamela seems like a real doozy.

Check out the clip from IGN Fan Fest:

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It’s interesting to note that Pamela formerly served as First Daughter pre-apocalypse. And unsurprising that, once again, a sheltered community has class structures and prejudices in place. They also seem to think of Alexandria as a problem, if they think of it at all.

The Walking Dead episode 11.10 will air on AMC next Sunday, Feb 27, but debut on the AMC app a week earlier, tomorrow. We’ll have to say what further tricks and treats lie in store.

What do you want to see from a Walking Dead Halloween episode? Let us know in comments!

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