Mortal Kombat’s Greg Russo Will Adapt System Shock For TV

Greg Russo may not be returning for Warner Bros.’ upcoming Mortal Kombat sequel. But luckily, he’s found a new video game property to keep him busy. Deadline brings word that Russo has signed on to write and direct an adaptation of the System Shock franchise. The new live-action series will air on Binge, a new streaming platform geared specifically toward the gaming community.

LookingGlass Technologies and Origin Systems released the original System Shock in 1994. The game cast players as a nameless hacker who wakes up from a coma onboard a space station in the year 2072. Upon learning that an AI called SHODAN has turned the station’s crew into vicious cyborgs and mutants, the hacker must pull the plug on the program before it can target the Earth.

A sequel, System Shock 2, later arrived in 1999. There have also been whispers of a third installment since 2015. Unfortunately, the project has continued to hit one speedbump after another. In the meantime, a remastered edition of the first game is reportedly hitting stores this year as well. The developers behind System Shock 2 are also known for their work on BioShock, which is considered to be a “spiritual successor” to the System Shock series.

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Aside from Mortal Kombat, Russo has worked on several other video game adaptations over the years. He is also writing the scripts for big-screen translations of Saints Row and Space Invaders. However, System Shock will mark his first time sitting behind the camera as a director. Russo is also executive producing the new series alongside Nightdive Studios’ Stephen Kick and Larry Kuperman. Binge Chief Content Officer Allan Ungar will produce.

“I’m honored to have the opportunity to work alongside the fantastic team at Binge and Nightdive Studios to bring the iconic System Shock franchise to life,” said Russo. “I’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to make my directorial debut, and I finally found it.”

“Greg is a superbly talented screenwriter who possesses an unmatched knowledge and passion for gaming,” added Ungar. “His artistic approach to storytelling and his deep understanding of the source material will undoubtedly get fans excited about this new franchise. We’re thrilled to be bringing him on board and can’t wait to share his vision with audiences worldwide.”

Are you excited to see what Russo brings to the world of System Shock? Let us know in the comments down below!

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