Batwoman’s Bridget Regan Discusses Becoming Classic Poison Ivy

While Nicole Kang’s Mary became the new Poison Ivy on Batwoman, that doesn’t negate the existence of the original. Pam Isley, the original Ivy, will come to the show via Renee Montoya flashbacks, as played by actress Bridget Regan. And in a costume exclusively revealed over at TV Line, she bears a striking resemblance to the Arkham Knight version (pictured above). Albeit slightly more covered up, as required by broadcast network standards and practices, no doubt.

Regan tells TV Line she had one primary request for her appearance. “I wanted long hair, long nails, long lashes just like she’s growing — she is a plant.”

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As for her take on the character, she says, “I based everything on [the] idea that plants are better than people, and that was it. I was really drawn to her mission. I was drawn to this metamorphosis that she’s gone through — her extreme commitment to that mission, how radicalized she is, how passionate she is.”

And when it comes to storylines, she teases, “real internal conflict with her love life.”

Will the classic Poison Ivy stay confined to the past? It’s too early to say, and anything can happen in a comic book show. But a Pam vs. Mary battle would be something. Pamela Isley will debut on Batwoman this Wednesday, airing at 9 p.m. on The CW.

Would you like to see more classic Ivy? Let us know in comments.

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