Poison Ivy 23 cover by Rachta Lin
(Image Source: DC / Rachta Lin)

Poison Ivy #23 Highlights Why Harley Quinn is Not a Hero

The reformation of Harley Quinn has inspired many mixed feelings. Some find it unbelievable that Batman, even at his most idealistic, would willingly partner with a former sidekick of the Joker. Others prefer Harleen Quinzel as a solo villain or anti-hero, rather than a part of the Bat-Family. In any case, Poison Ivy #23 makes a solid case for why Harleen is no hero.

Poison Ivy #23 by G. Willow Wilson and Haining continues the battle between Ivy and her former mentor, Jason Woodrue, the Floronic Man. Woodrue had taken control of the army of spore-infected zombies Ivy hoped to use to bring about world peace. While Ivy had successfully turned the zombies against Woodrue, it was cold comfort given Ivy herself was also being devoured.

(Image Source: DC)

Worse yet, Ivy’s allies (Killer Croc, Janet from HR, and Solomon Grundy) were similarly trapped in her Slaughter Swamp lab. Thankfully, Harley Quinn showed up to save the day. Unfortunately for Ivy’s allies, she only had one target on her mind in the midst of her daring rescue attempt.

Harley Quinn is too Selfish to be a True Hero

(Image Source: DC)

When Harley Quinn showed up, mallet in hand and ready to squash zombies, Janet from HR called for help. Nonplussed, the Clown Princess of Crime said she was “gonna have to wait her turn.” This stunned Janet, but Killer Croc was not surprised.

“She ain’t a hero,” Croc explained. “She’s gonna save the one she loves. Everything else comes second.”

To Harley’s credit, she did go back to save Ivy’s allies after it became clear she could not save her girlfriend on her own. Harley Quinn was also apologetic about leaving them for dead, and assured Janet from HR that “I would’ve saved you next.” Nevertheless, the fact remains that Harley is too inherently selfish and focused on her own wants to be considered a proper hero.

Poison Ivy #23 is now available at comic shops everywhere.