Poison Ivy 24 cover by David Nakayama
(Image Source: DC / David Nakayama)

Pamela Isley Is Back in Green in Poison Ivy #24

The current Poison Ivy series presented a different take on Pamela Isley. The plant-loving paladin launched a campaign to save the world, using weaponized fungi spores. This followed her losing her connection to the Green, which connects all plant life in the DC Universe. However, Poison Ivy #24 restores the status quo of the character.

Written by G. Willow Wilson, with art by Haining, Poison Ivy #24 picks up where the previous issue left off. Pamela Isley sacrificed herself to stop her former mentor, Jason Woodrue. Ironically, it was the least intelligent of Pamela’s allies, the zombie Solomon Grundy, who seemed to have some idea of how to save her.

Poison Ivy resurrectred by Solomon Grundy
(Image Source: DC / Haining)

Grundy carried the dying Pamela into the waters of Slaughter Swamp. Here, in a place strong in both the Grey and the Green, Pamela was once again able to make contact with the Tree of Life. The ultimate source of all life, and the Green, Red, and Grey, the Tree spoke to Pamela. After admonishing her not to corrupt the boundaries between Green and Grey again, it allowed her to go.

Poison Ivy is restored to her classic form

Poison Ivy Reborn
(Image Source: DC / Haining)

Moments later, Pamela Isley emerged from the waters of Slaughter Swamp. She was cleansed of the influence of the Grey and alive. She was also gloriously naked, which Harley Quinn did not mind so much. Pamela was quick to correct this, however, growing vegetation to reform her classic green swimsuit costume. This proved that Poison Ivy had been reborn, and her connection to the Green restored.

It is unclear what adventure await Pamela Isley next. She and Harley Quinn reaffirmed their love for one another and agreed to keep teaming up. Beyond that, Poison Ivy is ready to fight “not just against those who destroy the Earth for profit, but for the people I love.”

Poison Ivy #24 is now available in comic shops everywhere.