Showrunner Reveals Doomsday Is Coming to Superman and Lois

Created as a mysterious indestructible creature with no real backstory save the ability to kill Superman, Doomsday has gone on to become one of the Man of Steel’s most familiar foes. He’s appeared on TV’s Smallville and Krypton, as well as Zack Snyder’s Justice League and Batman v Superman. And now it’s time for him to come to Superman and Lois too. The first episode of season 2 teased a gloved hand punching upward from deep within the planet. Just how Doomsday first revealed himself. Now, in EW, showrunner Todd Helbing reveals we’ll be seeing all of the Kryptonian experimental monster soon.

“In episode 2, you’re going to see him a little bit more,” Helbing says. “In episode 3, you’ll get the full reveal.”

Typically, Doomsday shows up for one reason; the same as his original purpose in the comics. As a device to kill Superman. But don’t expect The CW to change the name of their show to just Lois. “We feel it’s our obligation to tell a unique story,” says Helbing. “We take inspirations from the comics as much as possible, and then we try to twist it. We did the same thing here.”

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In other words, don’t assume. “I think one of the things that we all really dig about the comic book world, but particularly with the villains, is finding ways to use assumptions about a character, and then flipping that, and finding ways to explain things that haven’t been explained in the comics, like the use of something, or why a character does a certain thing. It’ll all be revealed in episode 3, but there are a couple little things that we’re doing that I can’t explain too much, because I’ll give it away, but you’ll see how we’re influenced by certain pieces and why we used it to create work that is hopefully a cool reveal.”

What twist do you think the show will bring to Doomsday? Let us know in comments!

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