Lois Lane by Cian Tormey in Action Comics 1067
(Image Source: DC / Cian Tormey)

Lois Lane Makes Surprising Stand in Action Comics #1067

Lois Lane is known for two things in the Superman comics; her sheer nerve and her commitment to the values of journalism. Both traits are showcased in Action Comics #1067, as she takes a surprising stand of principle against her husband.

The relationship between Lois Lane and Clark Kent takes center stage in the story “In Love. At Work.” Written by Rainbow Rowell, with art by Cian Tormey, the story finds Lois chafing in her new role as acting Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Planet. While she has unbridled confidence as a reporter, Lois worries that nobody takes her seriously as an editor. Her husband reassures her that is not the case, but she still feels the need to assert herself.

Superman Fights Atomic Skull in Action Comics 1067
(Image Source: DC / Cian Tormey)

The chance arises as word comes in that Atomic Skull is on a rampage. Clark leaves to become Superman, hoping to talk the seemingly reformed villain into surrendering. This, coupled with a newbie reporter’s comment about Clark taking his job seriously, inspires Lois Lane to make a bold decision.

Lois Lane forbids Clark Kent to write about Superman

When Clark returns from the fight with Atomic Skull, he is ready to write about the incident. However, Lois Lane notes that she has already assigned the story to the newbie reporter. When Clark questions his wife’s decision, she cites journalistic integrity.

Clark Kent and Lois Lane argue in Action Comics 1067
(Image Source: DC / Cian Tormey)

Lois says that Clark is too close to the story in this case, having spent so much time trying to mentor the Atomic Skull as Superman. Moreover, she wanted to give the newbie reporter a chance to prove herself. When Clark protests that Perry White never had a problem with him writing about Superman after learning his secret identity, Lois pointedly reminds him that “I’m not Perry.”

Superman and Lois generally enjoy a good marriage. There is little that can come between them, given their generally complementary personalities and values. It is interesting, then, to see the two come into conflict over a matter of journalistic ethics and workplace drama.

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