Naomi’s First Season Doesn’t Have Any Arrowverse Crossovers

Early trailers for The CW’s Naomi have established that the new series takes place in the Arrowverse thanks to a brief shot of Superman flying overhead. However, fans shouldn’t expect to see Tyler Hoechlin reprise his role as the Man of Steel for a team-up with Kaci Walfall’s freshman superhero anytime soon. While plugging the show’s upcoming premiere, executive producer Ava DuVernay confirmed that viewers won’t find any Arrowverse crossovers in Naomi’s first season.

DuVernay shared this news about the show during a recent TCA panel (via Deadline). Although she didn’t rule out the possibility of crossovers down the line, DuVernay explained that bringing in familiar heroes would be antithetical to giving Naomi a proper origin story. She also discussed how the series will stretch beyond the confines of its comic book source material.

“We got a lot of information in the first two episodes,” said DuVernay. “Which means: we get to make up cool new things. “In terms of crossovers, we’re not thinking about that right now. She’s on her own path and I really think this is the first part of the Naomi-verse. People need to be trying to crossover into here! So we’ll see what happens, but you won’t see any crossovers in season 1. We’re focused on Naomi’s journey singularly.”

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Additionally, Walfall discussed how translating Naomi’s path of self-discovery helped her adjust to joining The CW’s long-running superhero franchise.

“As [Naomi] is finding out, I’m finding out which is really helpful as an actor,” related Walfall. “How I embody the powers in episode 2 is going to be different than how I embody those powers in episode 11. I think that allows me and the character to grow. I work out so I can stay fit but also maintain energy, which is helpful as she goes, getting better and better in each episode.”

Naomi will air its series premiere next Tuesday, January 11 at 9pm on The CW.

What Arrowverse heroes would you like to see team up with Naomi in the future? Tell us your picks in the comment section below!

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