Peacemaker’s John Cena Discusses the Show’s Family Theme

Anyone who watched The Suicide Squad last year knows that Peacemaker has issues. And judging by some of the trailers for his upcoming spinoff series on HBO Max, many of these are the result of a less-than-ideal childhood. The addition of Robert Patrick as Peacemaker’s emotionally-distant father means that the show will reveal new details about the titular anti-hero’s tragic upbringing. But as John Cena tells it, fans will be surprised by how much empathy they have for his situation.

Cena recently teased his character’s small-screen arc while chatting with SFX Magazine (via Collider). According to him, viewers will be able to see themselves in Peacemaker’s story.

“It addresses a very important thing that all of us can relate to, and that’s the sometimes uncomfortable dysfunction of family,” said Cena.”In Peacemaker, you’re gonna see a lot of stuff that people can relate to in their lives, and be able to craft their own takeaways. I never want to tell people how to feel or think when they watch something. But I really love the fact that it hits on a lot of stuff about what family means to us, searching for approval of others, how to live your life, and nature versus nurture and how we’re raised. How the values we grew up in can change, and how difficult it is to unwire some stuff. There’s a bunch in there that is really gonna be good and fun to look at in the whole series.”

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The series will also bring a handful of other new characters into the DCEU fold. But few sound as important as Danielle Brooks’ Leota Adebayo, whom Cena says brings out Peacemaker’s good side.

“You really go through a hell of a ride in the eight episodes,” explained Cena. “And I think Adebayo is no different. There’s a moment in the trailer where Adebayo is like, ‘Man, if you were just Chris every once in a while, that wouldn’t be so effing bad!’ I think she’s the one person that creates a safe environment for maybe him to be him. This is a guy who literally, by his own free will, is dancing in his underwear in somebody else’s apartment. There’s more than what you see on the surface inside of Chris Smith, and I think Adebayo is a nice catalyst to bring that out.”

Peacemaker premieres on HBO Max on January 13.

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