Lucasfilm Releases The Book of Boba Fett Episode One Concept Art

Warning: This Book of Boba Fett Episode One concept art contains MINOR SPOILERS

There’s probably nothing in the images just released by Star Wars social media that fans haven’t either seen or deduced from trailers. Nonetheless, anyone still waiting to watch the first The Book of Boba Fett episode totally cold might want to click away now. Concept artist Christian Alzmann’s initial designs look pretty close to the final product, save a color change for those energy shields. And considering the way Hasbro handled toys based on The Mandalorian, we can probably bet on action figures repainted in this art style.

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Alzmann’s image of Boba Fett on Bib Fortuna’s throne utilizes the bounty hunter’s old costume. These days, he wears a much darker bodysuit and desert skirt. In the armory, we see his arsenal and armor on display as he straps a gauntlet on. The Mos Espa ambush and subsequent rooftop chase involving Fennec Shand featured in several trailers. Perhaps the main slight spoiler is of the flashbacks to Fett’s time with Tusken Raiders. On the other hand, Obi-Wan always did tell us that their Banthas ride single file to hide their numbers. Seeing is believing.

Get a better look in the gallery below. What do you expect to see next episode? Let’s see your guesses in comments.

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