Meet the Sparrows in Umbrella Academy Season 3 Character Posters

What do you do for an encore after traveling back in time to ensure the assassination of JFK? If you’re the Umbrella Academy, you return to 2019, find that you changed the timeline anyway, but instead of an apocalypse, find an entirely new Academy. This brood of Hargreeves, with one notable exception, look very different, and call themselves the Sparrows. Founded in 1989, their name indicates they have “a bird’s eye view on crime.” Season 3 of Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy will feature this new team, in a  storyline based on the as-yet-unpublished volume 4 of the comics.

Sparrow Number Two may look familiar: it’s a version of Ben Hargreeves (Justin H. Min) who isn’t dead. But don’t expect him to have any memory of what the Umbrella Academy is. Making up the rest of the Sparrows are Justin Cornwell as Marcus Hargreeves / Sparrow Number One, Britne Oldford as Fei Hargreeves / Sparrow Number Three, Jake Epstein as Alphonso Hargreeves / Sparrow Number Four, Genesis Rodriguez as Sloane Hargreeves / Sparrow Number Five, and Cazzie David as Jayme Hargreeves / Sparrow Number Six. Sparrow Number Seven is a floating cube.

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The Umbrella Academy season 3 will premiere on Netflix at an as-yet-unspecified date in 2022. In the meantime, get a glimpse below of all the Sparrows in the new set of teaser posters that just dropped on the official Sparrow Academy Twitter.

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