Maya Lopez and Kazi Get Their Own Hawkeye Character Posters

It seems that Hawkeye will follow in the tradition of several previous Disney+ shows, and offer new character posters each week. Last week, the Tracksuit Mafia got a chance to show their stuff. This week, the promo art goes higher up the totem pole to their bosses, Maya Lopez and Kazi. Next week, who knows? Might we see “Uncle”? Or Yelena Belova? They do seem to focus on characters revealed in the most recent episode.

In addition to both antagonizing the Hawkeyes on TV, Maya Lopez and Kazi have another thing in common. In comics, they’re better known by nicknames. Lopez (Alaqua Cox), dubbed Echo for her ability to mimic opponents, will soon get her own spinoff series under that name. Kazi (Fra Fee), whose full name is Kazimierz Kazimierczak, may be more familiar as the Clown. Donning mime-like face paint, he tends to work for mob bosses like — drumroll please — the Kingpin. To whom Lopez also has connections.

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Clowns usually get more clean-shaven before donning the pancake makeup, so odds of Kazi going full circus mode seem unlikely for now. Maybe in the Echo spinoff series, if he survives this one.

What would you like to see from this pair of antagonists? Let us know in comments.

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