The Tracksuit Mafia Steals the Show in Latest Poster for Hawkeye Series

Last week, Marvel Studios dropped the first two installments in the new Hawkeye series. In addition to bringing back the titular hero played by Jeremy Renner and introducing Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop in the MCU, the series also debuted some quaint East European gangsters that Clint Barton immediately dubbed the Tracksuit Mafia. In the show, they are working hard to retrieve Ronin’s retractable sword, under the apparent orders of Maya Lopez, a.k.a. Echo. Even though they are technically the bad guys, their appearance pleased the fandom so much that the gangsters got their own promotional material.

You can watch the Tracksuit Mafia promo here below.

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In the comics, the actual name of this organization is unknown. However, Hawkeye dubs them the “Tracksuit Draculas,” and they operate in New York City. They lock horns several times with the titular archer, but they never really manage to defeat him.

The next episode of Hawkeye will debut on Disney+ on Wednesday, December 1. In the meantime, the network unveiled a brand-new poster for the bad guys. It features three of the bad guys: Ivan Banionis (center, portrayed by Aleks Paunovic), Tomas Delgado (right, portrayed by Piotr Adamczyk), and Enrique (left, portrayed by Carlos Navarro). Take a look at it here below.

What do you think about the Tracksuit Mafia promo and poster? Did you like these guys? Let us know in the comments.

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