Batwoman Season 3 Shares First Look At Nicole Kang As the New Poison Ivy

There’s something strange going on with Nicole Kang’s Mary Hamilton this season on Batwoman. In the third episode of Batwoman season 3, Mary was infected by one of Poison Ivy’s vines. Subsequently, she began attacking innocent people while suffering blackout incidents. Now, Mary will become the new Poison Ivy in the Batwoman season 3 mid-season finale.

Entertainment Weekly has debuted the first look at Mary in costume as the new Poison Ivy. The costume was designed by Maya Mani, who shared her thoughts on the costume in the following statement.

“I created this costume to reflect Mary’s desire to be seen and heard by those closest to her, while maintaining her unique eye for fun and fanciful fashion; a strong shoulder and a corset to symbolize a trellis guiding her alter ego upwards,” said Maini.

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Kang also shared her excitement for Mary’s dark turn, and her closer relationship with Alice (Rachel Skarsten).

“[Alice] finally gets to be the big sister that she’s always really wanted, which is kind of dark and twisted. But creating and deepening that bond is something that me and Rachel have been wanting this season, since we got cast in the show,” said Kang. “I’ve read every comic that I could get my hands on, and especially homed in on the Harley Quinn-Poison Ivy adventures, because I really feel like that relationship has been inside of the Poison Ivy-Alice relationship. We’ve taken and begged, borrowed, and definitely made our own. But we’ve taken a ton of inspiration from the two of them.”

However, Mary’s transformation doesn’t mean that the original Poison Ivy is out of the picture.

“There will be a tug of war for sure, but mostly it’ll be like this mother-sporeling relationship,” added Kang. “The vengeance of the OG Poison Ivy is coming.”

Bridget Reagan will join the series as the first Poison Ivy, Pamela Isley, in the eighth episode of Batwoman season 3. Episode 7, the mid-season finale of Batwoman, will air on November 24.

What do you think about the first look at the new Poison Ivy? Let us know in the comments section below.

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