Jason Todd Disobeys Orders in a New Clip From Titans Season 3

Curran Walters’ Jason Todd may have abandoned his Titans teammates at the end of season 2. But for now, he’s still Batman’s partner. And with only a few hours remaining until season 3 premieres on HBO Max, IGN has released a new clip that sets up Jason’s impending turn to the dark side. You can check it out for yourself below.

We’ve known for about a year that Jason is leaving his Robin persona behind and taking on the mantle of Red Hood. However, this latest scene gives us some new context behind his upcoming rebirth. When Jason gets a fix on the Joker’s location at an abandoned amusement park, he immediately puts in a call to Bruce Wayne, eager to put the Clown Prince of Crime behind bars.

But Bruce doesn’t share his sidekick’s enthusiasm. And he’s also hours away from returning. Unwilling to let Jason go up against his nemesis alone, Bruce tells him to stand down.

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Of course, Jason’s never exactly been one to follow the rules. And after taking a long drag from an inhaler filled with a mysterious substance, he gets ready to suit up. But as recent trailers have shown us, his trip to the amusement park is destined to end in disaster.

It certainly seems as though much of Titans season 3 is going to deal with Bruce reckoning with the tragic fate that’s befallen many of his allies. Earlier today, Entertainment Weekly released a different clip that shows the erstwhile Dark Knight having an evening chat with Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon (Savannah Welch).

Unfortunately, their conversation turns sour when Barbara chastises Bruce for taking lost teenagers off the street and drafting them into his war on crime. And given what happens to Jason this year, those feelings of guilt are likely going to be intensified.

The first three episodes of Titans season 3 will debut tonight at midnight PT on HBO Max.

Are you excited to watch the next chapter in Jason’s story unfold? Let us know in the comments down below!

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