First What If…? Reactions Seem More Mixed Than for Most Marvel

In what is hardly the most shocking news anyone may read all day, there’s a new Marvel Cinematic Universe entry on Disney Plus, and people generally like it. Those who saw early review screenings of the first three episodes, at least. But perhaps because the first wave of Marvel reviews tends to trend ecstatic across the board, it’s noteworthy that not everyone offers unequivocal praise. Then again, What If…? is an anthology show, and all such things have some episodes better than others. Here are some of the  first What If…? reactions:

Writers who are usually Marvel fans mostly seem onboard, with several making comparisons to possibly the greatest anthology genre show of all time. That’s right, The Twilight Zone.

But there are some misgivings. In the category of “some episodes better than others,” viewers prefer the bigger swings.

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And the decision to mostly use the actual movie stars rather than trained voice actors, while seemingly a fan-friendly choice, doesn’t work for everyone.

Expect more reactions next weekend, when the second wave of press gets to see these episodes.

What do you expect from What If..? Let us know in comments!

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