Marvel Legends What If…? Wave Mixes Animated and Realistic Styles

Marvel Legends figures typically feature one of two styles. Either they attempt a photo-realistic look with actor likenesses, or they go for comic book style, often reusing generic body parts. They added some animated-style figures from Into the Spider-Verse, but some fans wondered if that exception got made because of Sony. Now, however, there’s an official Marvel Studios animated series, and in preparation, Hasbro today revealed a Marvel Legends What If…? wave. It features six characters from the show, along with a more realistic Sylvie from Loki.

Making up the wave, we’ll get Captain Carter, Heist Nebula, Zombie Hunter Spider-Man, Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange, Zombie Captain America, Star-Lord T’Challa, and Sylvie. Collect them all to build Uatu the Watcher. An oversized Hydra Smasher in the style of Hulkbuster Iron Man will sell separately. And it looks like the figures will reuse some parts from movie-based figures, while giving them new looks. Peggy Carter’s headsculpt looks like a realistic Hayley Atwell, while T’Challa’s face seems more animated. However, anyone with a decent Black Panther figure collection almost certainly owns some spare Chadwick Boseman likenesses. These are now up for preorder on Hasbro Pulse., as well as with Superhero Hype’s partners at Entertainment Earth. (Superhero Hype receives a commission on all EE sales made through our links.)

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In addition to this new wave, Hasbro announced some extras and exclusives. Walgreens will add a new Binary figure to their ongoing cosmic series. Target will rerelease the Spider-Man: Far From Home Vulture figure along with the extra build-a-wings pieces and an updated paint job. (Note: this gives hope to those who might want to wait for a Captain America repackaged similarly.) Online fan channels get Tigra on a vintage Toy Biz-style card. And continuing Hasbro Pulse’s army-builder program, the Hand Ninja gets a black repaint and cost-saving packaging.

Check out all the new figures in the gallery below. Which one is your favorite? Tell us about it in comments.

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