Loki’s Latest Frenemy Set for Marvel Legends Figure Debut Soon

In episode 1 of Loki, the big reveal that Asgard’s god of mischief needed to track down a variant of himself was a shocker. In episode 2, once the MCU clarified that indeed Loki is gender-fluid, the unmasking of the variant as a female Loki seemed more inevitable. But after episode 3, it’s hard to be sure she’s the real villain. As in Captain Marvel, the otherworldly beings who appear ready to help may not be genuinely benevolent, or honest. So consider Sylvie as Loki’s latest frenemy. And one thing is for certain: she’s getting a Marvel Legends figure.

Unlike Agent Mobius, whom Target.com put up for preorder as soon as the toy was announced, Sylvie’s release plans remain unclear. The first wave of Marvel Legends Disney Plus figures just arrived at retail. Rumors of a second one in the fall abound, presumably heavy on “What If…?” characters, and possibly Loki additions as-yet unseen.

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Sylvie’s action figure includes a removable green Loki-style coat, and a dagger. And probably a piece of a larger figure or accessory currently under wraps. Additionally, her face features the authentic digitally printed likeness of actress Sophia Di Martino.

Will Loki’s latest frenemy be a must-have for your Legends collection? Let us know in comments!

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