Loki Producer Explains the Lack of Romance in Season 2

Although Sophia Di Martino‘s Sylvie was a prominent character in Loki Season 2, there was little sign of the romantic relationship she had established with Tom Hiddleston‘s titular character in the first season. According to executive producer Kevin Wright, that doesn’t mean that the two care for each other any less.

Speaking with ComicBook.com, Wright discussed the choice of leaving Loki and Sylvie’s relationship without another kiss in Season 2 of the Marvel Studios series. “I think ultimately the stakes were so high,” he said. “It’s hard to slow down and have smoochie-smooch romantic time together, but everything that’s happening is because they do deeply care about each other.”

Loki and Sylvie’s unexpected romance

The attraction between Loki and Sylvie in Loki Season 1 came as a surprise to many fans because the two are variants of the same person from two different realities, which some thought was akin to a sibling or clone relationship. However, the pair ultimately had plenty of viewers cheering them on.

While the ending of Season 2 saw Loki making a major sacrifice that separated him from Sylvie, seemingly permanently, Wright made it clear that his feelings for her are still intact. “Loki would only do what he does at the end because he cares about her, because he cares about Mobius, more than anyone he’s ever cared about,” he stated. “So I don’t think it’s about pulling back on anything. I think it would feel forced and unnatural to slow down and give them romantic time together.”

Loki’s journey through two seasons

The first season of Loki premiered in June 2021. Hiddleston reprises his role of the brother of Chris Hemsworth’s Thor and a former Marvel Cinematic Universe antagonist. Loki finds himself lost between timelines and apprehended by a shadowy organization called the Time Variance Authority, controlled by Jonathan Majors‘ Kang.

In Season 1, the TVA initially appeared as an institution formed to protect the “Sacred Timeline” and keep the universe from collapsing, but its sinister goals were gradually revealed. Season 2 followed Loki as he teamed up with former members of the TVA who have learned that they were being used, including Owen Wilson‘s Mobius and Ke Huy Quan‘s Ouroboros along with Sylvie.

Both seasons of Loki are streaming now on Disney+.