Kevin Smith Breaks Down Masters of the Universe: Revelation Themes

Over the last two years, plenty of talk and scuttlebutt about Netflix‘s Masters of the Universe: Revelation emerged. And for someone as loquacious as Kevin Smith, not talking about the project must have been a struggle. But now, with a well-received teaser out there, he breaks things down a bit more in a new video from Netflix. In it, he discusses the appeal of the property in the first place. And then he mentions what some of the Masters of the Universe: Revelation themes will be.

Smith clearly grew up adoring the original Filmation cartoon, at least based on what he says here, and reveals that initially, the show will play like a continuation But about ten minutes in, something happens that breaks the world of Eternia as we know it. (The toy line offers hints that Skeletor finally uses the power sword to become god-powered.) As for the revelation of the title? A big part of it involves Teela discovering Prince Adam’s secret identity.

Anyone who’s watched The Toys That Made Us, or several similar He-Man documentaries, knows that Mattel’s original selling point was that kids feel a lack of control in their lives, and playing with He-Man makes them feel like they have the power. Smith evidently relates, as well as to the “comfort food” aspect of wanting, in middle age, something that made him feel good as a kid.

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Interestingly, an actual direct continuation of the Filmation cartoons would have to involve She-Ra, as He-Man’s occasional adventures with his sister chronologically came last in animated canon. Netflix seems determined to keep the two power siblings as separate properties for now, but who knows? Maybe fabulous secrets are being withheld.

Does Kevin Smith’s explanation make the show sound more appealing? Let us know your thoughts in comments.

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