Paul Bettany Doesn’t Know When Vision Will Return To the MCU

Though the final episode of WandaVision certainly answered a lot of questions, it also prompted new ones as well. Namely, what happened to White Vision? As Wanda’s psychic grip on Westview began to unravel, viewers learned that her Vision was actually a projection of Wanda’s reality-warping powers. Meanwhile, the real Vision was getting reprogrammed (and repainted) in a S.W.O.R.D. lab. The last time we saw the character, he was flying away after having his memories restored. Now, Paul Bettany is reflecting on his most recent MCU appearance.

In a new interview with The Playlist, Bettany indicated that the door is wide open for Vision to return. But before that happens, Bettany will have to renegotiate his contract with the studio.

“I don’t have a contract,” said Bettany. “I don’t know that at all. And all that I do know is, as far as this sort of traunch of press goes for an Emmy push, which is for a limited series. So it doesn’t look like that happening again. I mean, I guess it would be difficult to introduce White Vision and not deal with him in some way, but we have not discussed that.”

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In the lead-up to WandaVision’s finale, Bettany sent Marvel fans into a frenzy when he claimed that the episode featured an actor he’d always wanted to work with. Unfortunately for Bettany, this “actor” turned out to be himself. Bettany also took the opportunity to address this as well.

“I’ve had all sorts of feelings about it,” said Bettany. “Initially, it was massive regret, which was people started going because I thought it was a really funny joke and was pleased with myself. And then people were like, ‘Is it going to be Patrick Stewart?’ And then I went, “Oh, my God, that’s a good idea. Oh, my God, people are going to be so disappointed when they realize it’s f***ing me again.” [Laughs.] But in the end, I spoke to Kevin Feige about it. And he thought it was a really good joke, a really funny joke. And it didn’t backfire too much. For a second there, I was like, ‘Oh, no. What have I done?’ But yeah. So I had all sorts of feelings regarding that.”

All nine episodes of WandaVision are currently streaming on Disney+.

Are you hoping to see Bettany’s Vision come back to the MCU at some point? Let us know in the comment section below!

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