Marvel Producer Teases Sharon Carter’s Future in the MCU

Last Friday, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier wrapped up their first — and for now only — season. Among other characters’ return and surprising debuts, the show brought back Emily Van Camp as Sharon Carter. It was her first appearance in the MCU since Captain America: Civil War. In the story, Sharon turned out to be the Power Broker as she played well between helping the titular heroes and pitting them against the Flag Smashers. The mid-credits scene of the show revealed that she got a full pardon granted and rejoined the CIA. Shortly after, she made a mysterious phone call, saying that she now has access to government secrets and resources.

And it appears that she might play a larger role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s future. At least, that’s what The Falcon and The Winter Soldier producer Zoie Nagelhout teased while talking with EW.

“I really hope so,” she said. “I think she’s such an interesting character. It felt like, in a story where we’re dissecting the shield and that legacy, to have a character come in with a point of view that has changed… that has created a very interesting duality in her. I don’t think she’s all bad, I don’t think she’s all good. I think she lives in a middle ground that is really compelling. To get to explore that character further and what shades of gray she might drift between could be really interesting.”

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While Nagelhout didn’t confirm when fans will see Sharon Carter, recent reports indicate that The Falcon and The Winter Soldier writer Malcolm Spellman is developing a fourth Captain America movie featuring Sam Wilson as the titular hero. At the same time, Marvel Studio implied a few times that there might be a sophomore season for some of its shows. Given that WandaVision is not suitable for serial development, fans might hope to see some new adventures with Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes and, perhaps, Sharon Carter.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is available for streaming on Disney+.

When do you think we’ll see Sharon Carter again? Let us know in the comments section below.

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