Batwoman’s Peter Outerbridge Teases Black Mask’s War on Gotham

Black Mask finally made his way to Gotham City on the latest episode of Batwoman. And from the second Black Mask first showed up onscreen, he made it clear that he’s not messing around. Fans were stunned when it was revealed that Roman Sionis’ obsidian-faced alter-ego is the person responsible for Kate Kate’s sudden disappearance, especially when they learned that he is still holding her captive. But it turns out that Kate is only the beginning of his reign of terror.

Black Mask actor Peter Outerbridge discussed his character’s Batwoman arc during a recent interview with TVLine. Judging by his comments, it sounds like the show’s writers are really going out of their way to make viewers hate him.

“He does have big plans for Kate Kane, and what they are is pretty horrifying,” said Outerbridge. “When you take a beloved character like that and then you put her in a basement, you torture her, you burn off her face…. It’s just awful. I think the fans are going to be going, ‘Oh, my God.’ Imagine taking James Bond and just torturing James Bond for hours and hours. Audiences aren’t gonna like Black Mask very much at all. It only gets worse.”

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Outberbridge also teased that Laura Mennell’s Enigma is “a big part” of his plans for Kate. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t say more than that. But he did comment on how he and the erstwhile Scarlet Knight share the goal of “saving” Gotham.

“His point to her [in this episode] is that ‘you run around dressed up like a bat  bringing your own justice not based on laws,” added Outerbridge. “It’s not based on anything other than what you think is right, and what you think is wrong. Well, what’s the difference between that and what I do? He’s basically saying, ‘I’m just doing what comes naturally to a place like Gotham. The whole city is a cesspool, so why not be the king of the cesspool?’ That’s where his justification comes from. But there’s no question that it definitely feeds into his personality, which is twisted [and] sociopathic.”

The next episode of Batwoman premieres on Sunday, April 11 on The CW.

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