HBO Splits The Nevers’ First Season Into Two Parts

With The Nevers arriving on HBO in less than a month, the network faces the difficult task of plugging a show that bears Joss Whedon’s name. Whedon, of course, has spent the last year on the receiving end of myriad claims of workplace abuse and harassment. Regardless, HBO is trudging forward with The Nevers’ marketing campaign. And now, they’ve announced that the first season will air in two separate volumes, each consisting of six episodes. Part 1 will launch next month, while the second half is still without an air date.

Additionally, HBO has released a new trailer for The Nevers that highlights an abundance of new footage from the series. Not surprisingly, the trailer omits any reference to Whedon’s role as the show’s creator. But it does treat fans to a few new story and character details, including more superhuman abilities viewers can expect to see when the series finally debuts. Check it out for yourself below.

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Whedon officially stepped down from The Nevers last fall, citing exhaustion as the reason for his sudden exit. However, Justice League actor Ray Fisher claims that his departure is the result of WarnerMedia’s investigation into his conduct while helming the DC team-up film’s reshoots in 2017. Whedon has yet to offer any sort of statement about the recent spate of allegations against him. HBO has since named Philippa Goslett as The Nevers’ new showrunner.

The Nevers premieres on Sunday, April 11 at 9pm on HBO.

You also view a new poster for the series below. Are you looking forward to the show’s debut next month? Let us know in the comment section!

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