WandaVision Director Talks Quicksilver’s Past and Future

It’s no secret any more — Evan Peters appearing as Quicksilver/Pietro on WandaVision was the show’s biggest plot development. He looks like the Quicksilver from the X-Men movies, but seems to have the memories of the MCU version. And in subsequent revelations, his appearance proved the result of witching magic performed by Agatha Harkness. But the production took pains to keep him an absolute surprise, even though some sites correctly leaked the information Speaking to Comicbook.com, WandaVision director Matt Shakman described the process of hiding Peters from roving cameras.

“Somehow they kept Luke Skywalker a secret, but we couldn’t keep Evan a secret, which is a real bummer,” he said, referring to fellow Disney+ phenomenon The Mandalorian. “But you know, we thought he is the best and he put up with all sorts of, you know, being smuggled in capes, and hidden in vans and all that sort of stuff to try to preserve the illusion.”

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Is he a phantom, literal resurrected corpse, or multiverse refugee? As to what Peters really is, Shakman hinted at more reveals to come. “We’ll have to meet again some Monday in the future,” he added. But as far as this week’s season finale, he seems to be tamping down on some fan expectations. In an interview with EW, he noted, “I know there are so many theories out there; there will be a lot of people who will no doubt be disappointed by one theory or another. But we’re always telling this story about Wanda dealing with grief and learning how to accept that loss, and hopefully people will find that the finale is surprising but also satisfying, and that it feels inevitable because it’s the same story they’ve been watching the whole time.”

Reading between the lines, it sounds like whatever happens will be more based on Wanda’s emotions than some big reveal like Mephisto or Reed Richards. The last time we saw Pietro, he appeared ready to confront Monica Rambeau, seemingly acting independently from Agatha. Even if he is just a hex, he may still have his old personality in there somewhere.

What fan theories do you have? Let us know in comments.

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