Michael Dorn Says He Has Not Been Contacted About Star Trek Return

In a time when it seems like Star Trek producers are spinning off every new show idea they can think of, and bringing back heavyweights like Patrick Stewart, one might assume they’d want to bring in the fan favorites. But according to Michael Dorn, best known as Lieutenant Worf, he seems to be the one big omission. Stewart obviously has his own show in Picard, which also brought back Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis as Riker and Troi. In addition, Jonathan Del Arco’s Hugh Borg and Jeri Ryan’s Seven of Nine returned. Whoopi Goldberg’s Guinan will return for season 2, and both Gates McFadden and LeVar Burton say they’re in talks. But what about the fan-favorite actor who’s been in more Star Trek than anyone?

In an interview with TrekMovie, Dorn says he has not been contacted. Though if he were, it would have to be more than a cameo. “The one thing you have to realize is that I have to get into makeup,” he says. “You are talking about three hours. For me to do that, it really has to be kind of worth it, you know what I mean? I don’t want to get in makeup and just stand around and scowl at people.” That said, he notes he has also not been contacted about makeup-less animated shows. There’s precedent there. The upcoming Prodigy will see Kate Mulgrew back as Captain Janeway, while Frakes and Sirtis, along with John DeLancie as Q, also appeared on Lower Decks.

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But Dorn has a much more epic pitch for Worf, if CBS is listening. It concerns the collapse of the Klingon Empire, with Worf as ambassador to other worlds within their boundaries. “And so they have to go out to every one of these worlds and either give them their freedom, or try to work with them, which is something that’s anathema to Klingons. And since Worf opened his big mouth and said, ‘This is what we have to do,’ then they say, ‘Okay, then you’re the guy that has to go out to all these worlds.’ And every world is different. Some worlds are rebelling. Some worlds want to be part of the Klingon Empire. Some worlds want to be independent. And so every episode is that.”

As to the chances of that idea ever happening, he says, “There’s interest and then there’s not.”

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