Amber Heard and Nat Wolff Discuss Humanizing The Stand’s Villains

The long-awaited new adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand has finally hit CBS All Access last week. Briefly, the story features an epic clash between good and evil after 96% of Earth’s population has been deleted following the outbreak of a deadly virus. And it seems that most of The Stand cast is pretty enthusiastic about the characters they are bringing on the small screen. While talking to Comicbook, actress Amber Heard spoke in detail about Nadine Cross, the teaching grade-school she is playing.

“No one knows how to define her, probably least of all herself,” Heard said. “She is struggling with a dark past, a lot of secrets, and a very, very complicated dynamic with a supernatural force. And while she is presented with for the first time perhaps love and humanity in the form of the relationship she’s been able to form since meeting Larry and coming into the Boulder Free Zone. She’s ultimately a tragic character in that you realize she’s being presented with this reality almost too late.”

In the same interview, Heard also said that her favorite scenes in the series are the final ones, which will take place in Vegas. According to Heard, they feel “epic” and “bigger than anything else.”

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Actor Nat Wolff confessed that he feels lucky to portray Lloyd Henreid, who is Wolff’s favorite character in the book. However, he wasn’t supposed to play that “lost soul” on the series. Wolff confessed that he should have portrayed someone else on The Stand, a character whose name he didn’t reveal.

“I was a huge fan of Stephen King’s,” Wolff said to Comicbook.  “I read this book when I was a high schooler. But then Josh Boone attached me to this project when I was 18 and a different character, and then as the projects take a bunch of years to get made. I aged right into my favorite character in the whole book, so I was lucky it happened when it did.”

The actor then added that the world has changed since the first television adaptation in 1994. The modern adaptation reflects the world better as it is nowadays. The next episode of The Stand will hit CBS All Access on Dec. 24.

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