Stephen King Praises The Stand Miniseries’ Diversity and New Ending

A few hours ahead of The Stand premiere on CBS All Access, author Stephen King revealed his initial reaction to the brand new adaptation of his 1978’s post-apocalyptic novel. While talking with The New York Times, the best-seller author discussed the changes from book to screen, including a casting that paid more attention to diversity. King figures as executive producer for the series, and his son Owen King is one of the producers, but the novelist claims that he hasn’t seen much of the footage yet.

“I’ve seen some rough cuts, and I can’t really give you an opinion yet except to say that it was interesting to see it brought to the 21st century and to see some of the changes that were made,” he said. “The novel was very white; the mini-series was very white. They have done a multicultural thing here, and that makes perfect sense.”

The book fans already know that King also contributed to a new ending specially for the TV adaptation. However, he beat around the bushes when it came to revealing more details about it.

“I always knew there was one more thing I had to say in that book, one more scene I wanted to write, and I finally did,” he added. “And I’m happy with it.”

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In the same interview, King also discussed the previous adaptations of his works. While nobody is amazed anymore to hear that he didn’t like Stanley Kubrick’s movie of The Shining, he stressed that he prefers the TV version. More recently, he lost his initial interest in the CBS adaptation of Under the Dome, but he enjoyed both Audience Network’s Mr. Mercedes and Hulu’s Castle Rock.

The Stand will premiere on CBS All Access on Thursday, Dec. 17.

What are your thoughts on the adaptations of Stephen King’s works? Which one is the best? Let us know in the comments section below.

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