Dominique McElligott Talks Queen Maeve’s Actions in The Boys Season 2

Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched The Boys Season 2 or read the comics yet!

If Queen Maeve were an actual monarch in charge, The Boys universe would be a better place. That, at least, is what oozes from the words of Dominique McElligott, the actress who portrays Maeve on the small screen. In a recent interview with EW, she commented on the superheroine taking a stand against Homelander in the sophomore season.

“I think it’s really encouraging her to take action and there’s no going back now,” she said. “I think for Maeve, because Homelander is such a threat, there’s no going back. She’s dealing with a narcissistic sociopath, so good luck to her. I have no idea what’s going to happen.”

After being subject to abuse from The Seven’s leader, Queen Maeve decides to confront him by joining forces with Starlight and The Boys. Before, Maeve and Homelander were in a relationship that, according to the actress, was just a “staged thing” given her queer status.

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The actress went on to add that there is still hope for her to find deliverance after her controversial behavior on the show — especially that scene involving a falling airplane.

“As an actor playing Maeve, that’s the core little thing that I feel when I’m doing a scene,” McElligott added. “Is she utterly hopeless? And that shred of hope, it’s like Pandora’s box, where everything’s flying out and hope is left. To me, everything about Maeve and what she does, and what she says, is so raw and so on the nose that it can be very much perceived as distasteful. But that’s what I really love about her journey, is that it’s a do-or-die situation.”

McElligott also hopes for a happy ending for Maeve in the show, unlike in the comics where [possible spoiler] Homelander decapitates her after discovering her betrayal. Maeve’s fans needn’t despair just yet, however, since the show is currently taking many liberties with the source material.

How do you think Queen Maeve’s storyline will end? Let us know your guess in the comment section below!

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