Stargirl Casts Nick Tarabay and Jonathan Cake as Season 2 Villains

Earlier this year, Stargirl closed out its first season by teasing the arrival of Eclipso, and the producers have chosen who will bring the character to life when the series returns for more episodes next year. Deadline brings word that Nick Tarabay will play the classic DC supervillain in Stargirl season 2. However, he’s not the only new addition to the show. Jonathan Cake has also been cast as another villain, The Shade.

Tarabay is most widely recognized for his role as Cotyar on The Expanse. He has also had roles in Star Trek Into Darkness and Pacific Rim: Uprising. Cake recently had a recurring role on The Affair, and his upcoming stint on Stargirl won’t be his first trip to the DC Universe. He previously guest-starred in two episodes of Legends of Tomorrow as Blackbeard in 2018.

Additionally, Stargirl’s producers have added Project Mc2 actress Ysa Penarejo to the new season as well. The report doesn’t specify who she’s playing, but it’s definitely a DC character.

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Eclipso made his comic book debut in DC’s House of Secrets anthology series in 1963. Years later, he was re-imagined as The Spectre’s predecessor as God’s Angel of Vengeance. After losing favor with God, Eclipso became an agent of chaos, using his abilities to possess other powerful beings. Stargirl’s season 1 finale showed Cindy Burman discovering Eclipso encased inside a blue diamond. During an appearance at this month’s virtual New York Comic Con event, showrunner Geoff Johns called the character “terrifying” and hinted that he will be “a very different antagonist or villain than the [Injustice Society of America].”

Meanwhile, The Shade is an immortal who’s easily identified by his Victorian garb and shadow manipulation powers. He has also frequently tangled with both the Jay Garrick and Barry Allen versions of The Flash. Johns even went so far as to call him “the most powerful of them all, and very threatening because no one knows exactly what he wants.”

Stargirl will premiere its second season on The CW sometime in 2021.

Are you excited to watch Tarabay and Cake’s villains face off against the Justice Society? Do you have any theories about Penarejo’s character? Tell us what you think in the comment section below!

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