Neil Gaiman Has Contributed to Every Script for Netflix’s Sandman Series

If fans feared that The Sandman Netflix adaptation might lose that peculiar trait that made the comics so beloved, well, they can sleep tight. British author Neil Gaiman — Sandman‘s father himself — has assured that, even in a different setting, the story of the live-action adaptation that has recently started production will keep the essential core of its comic. In a recent Q&A on Twitter, Gaiman revealed that he took part in the creative process of the series scrips, even with little suggestions.

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The author then added that the show is Sandman and not something vaguely inspired by it. Though he has no problem when that happens, like in the Lucifer live-action series.

Gaiman went on to add that the series plans to tell the whole story, from Preludes and Nocturnes up to Sandman Overture, pretty much the full comics narrative arc. The author also explained that there are “safeguards in place” if the streaming cancels the show after three seasons — referencing Netflix’s reputation of ending many shows right around that time.

Netflix has yet to announce an official release date for the series.

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