Tatiana Maslany Denies That She’s Been Cast As Marvel’s She-Hulk

Last month, word broke that Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany was cast as the lead in the She-Hulk live-action series. However, Maslany has now broken her silence to deny the initial report.

While speaking with The Sudbury Star to promote her new film, Maslany claimed that she won’t be playing Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk.

“That actually isn’t a real thing and it’s like a press release that’s gotten out of hand,” said Maslany. “It’s totally not — I’ve been connected to these things in the past and press has gotten onto it, but it’s not actually a thing, unfortunately… I don’t know how these things get — I don’t know, I don’t know. You know better; I have no idea. (Laughs.)”

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The original She-Hulk casting report came from Variety,  an outlet that isn’t in the habit of getting these things wrong. Additionally, Mark Ruffalo, and She-Hulk showrunner Jessica Gao both responded to Variety’s story with congratulatory messages. Ruffalo may be out of the loop, but Gao should know who is starring in her show. It’s not uncommon for Marvel Studios’ actors to downplay reports about whom they will play. But an outright denial is unusual. That said, the original report was not “like a press release.”

It’s also worth noting that Marvel Studios reportedly cast Iman Vellani as the lead of Ms. Marvel. However, that report remains unconfirmed as well.

Regardless, if we’re taking Maslany at her word, it means that She-Hulk has yet to be cast. She-Hulk will begin filming next year.

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