Seth Grahame-Smith Named Showrunner of HBO Max’s Green Lantern Series

The live-action Green Lantern TV series on HBO Max has officially been given the greenlight. According to Variety, Green Lantern‘s first season has a 10 episode order, with novelist turned screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith as the showrunner.  Some of Grahame-Smith’s credits include The Lego Batman Movie and Dark Shadows. His novels Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies were also adapted as movies.

Grahame-Smith and Arrowverse veteran Marc Guggenheim will co-write the series. Guggenheim was the showrunner of Arrow, and one of the screenwriters of the 2011 Green Lantern movie.

Variety notes that Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner, and John Stewart will not be a part of the series. Instead, the show will focus on Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz (pictured above), as well as Guy Gardner and Alan Scott. In the comics, Alan Scott was the first Green Lantern, but he was never a member of the Green Lantern Corps. Scott will also be depicted as a gay man in this incarnation.

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Additionally, the series will feature Green Lantern trainer Kilowog, and hero-turned-villain, Sinestro.

Greg Berlanti’s Berlanti Productions will also produce Green Lantern with Warner Bros. Television. It joins other HBO Max DC series including Justice League Dark and Peacemaker, a spinoff from The Suicide Squad. There’s also a Gotham PD spinoff from The Batman in the works as well.

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