Brenton Thwaites Gives a Status Report on Titans Season 3

Last year, Titans ended its second season with Dick Grayson officially leaving Robin behind and embracing his new costumed persona as Nightwing. Because of this, plenty of DC Universe subscribers are excited to see what the series’ future holds. The COVID-19 outbreak has obviously impacted the cast and crew’s plans to get back to work. But according to Brenton Thwaites, the new episodes are coming along nicely…or at least as well as they can, given the state of things.

Thwaites was asked about the status of season 3 during a recent interview with Rotten Tomatoes held over Instagram Live. Apparently, the show’s writers are hard at work on crafting the new season’s story. But since the world is still dealing with a pandemic, rounding up the series’ international cast poses its own issue.

“I’ve received a few scripts,” said Thwaites. “So they’ve written a little bit and I think they are just waiting to see, yeah, waiting to see if we can shoot.”

“I’m in Australia, Iain Glen’s in England,” Thwaites continued. “So there’s a lot of worldwide pieces that need to come together before we start shooting. But yeah, hopefully we will start soon.”

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It goes without saying that the Nightwing reveal was one of the most standout moments of Titans season 2. However, it turns out that Dick’s new suit is actually a work in progress. Thwaites went on to tease that the series’ costume department will be expanding his character’s arsenal of gizmos for the new season.

“We pitched a few ideas to change the suit in a way that we can still use the outline of the original suit because they are so time consuming and expensive to make,” Thwaites said. “It’s better for us to enhance the one we’ve already got. We’re working on different ways for Nightwing to have more gadgets.”

DC Universe has yet to announce a premiere date for Titans season 3. However, the cast and crew are reportedly hoping to resume production on series this fall.

Are you excited to see the upgrades to Nightwing’s suit? Let us know in the comment section below!

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