Titans Director Says Barbara Gordon Will Appear in Season 3 Premiere

According to  Titans director Boris Mojsovski, Barbara Gordon will appear in the upcoming third season. Via Newsarama, Mojsovski announced that Gordon will make her first appearance on the series in the season 3 premiere.

“Our first episode will have a new character, and it’ll be Barbara Gordon,” said Mojsovski during a Facebook live interview.

Mojsovski didn’t say if Gordon has been cast or not. It’s also unclear whether she would be Batgirl, Oracle, or without a heroic alter ego.

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In the comics, Barbara was the daughter of Commission James Gordon, one of Batman’s longtime allies. Barbara made a name for herself as Batgirl after saving Bruce Wayne from a kidnap attempt. Despite being crippled by the Joker in Batman: The Killing Joke, she reinvented herself as a hacker and took on the Oracle codename. Additionally, Oracle and Black Canary formed the Birds of Prey a few years later. However, the New 52 reboot put Gordon back in costume as Batgirl. Regardless of her persona, Gordon has been an integral part of Dick Grayson’s life as his friend and lover. Their romantic history will likely carry over to the show as well.

Titans season 3 will premiere this fall on DC Universe.

Would you prefer to see Barbara Gordon as Batgirl or Oracle on Titans? And who is your dream actress for the role? Let us know in the comment section below!

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