The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Teases Baby Pogo’s Introduction

Pogo was one of the most tragic causalities of The Umbrella Academy season 1. The super intelligent chimpanzee was the late Sir Reginald Hargreeves’ assistant, and far closer to the Hargreeves children than their adoptive father. However, Pogo kept Sir Reginald’s secrets even after his demise and it ultimately cost him his life. Regardless, Pogo will be back for the upcoming second season.

Via CBR, one of Netflix’s official Twitter accounts confirmed the presence of a Baby Pogo in The Umbrella Academy season 2.

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Because the Hargeeves siblings traveled back to the past in the first season finale, it’s likely that this really is Pogo from the ’60s. But it’s also unclear how Vanya will respond to the younger Pogo considering that she killed his older counterpart. Perhaps the Hargreeves family can actually change the past and prevent the apocalypse in the present. But their track record as heroes isn’t exactly encouraging. They’re more likely to screw things up even more.

The Umbrella Academy season 2 will hit Netflix on Friday, July 31.

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