How Henry Cavill Risked His Eyesight for The Witcher

It seems that dragons and djinns weren’t the most significant problems Henry Cavill had to face as Geralt of Rivia on The Witcher set. The thing that caused the actor the most damage was his contact lenses. While speaking with Vanity Fair, Cavill revealed that they weren’t a problem at first…until they started damaging his eyes.

“When we went to the Canary Islands, there was lots of very fine volcanic dust flying about in the air, and my eyes were getting more and more sore. I just thought it was because it was so bright. I would literally have to go hide in the shade before each take, and then force my eyes to stay open for scenes because they were burning.”

His eye technician wanted him to take his contacts out. Yet Cavill refused, since he wanted to get his fellow actors accustomed to his look.

“When we went back to Budapest, she took me in to have my eyes checked. It turned out that whatever the dust was, volcanic, it ended up scratching my eye, because it got behind the contacts and was just rubbing there for however long. It took about, I want to say three weeks to heal, and then the contacts were back in.”

In the story, Geralt’s eyes are a sign of his mutation from a normal human being into a monster slayer. Cavill will have to put his contacts back in soon enough, as production on The Witcher Season 2 will officially resume in August.

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The actor went on to add that he is generally pleased about the people’s reaction for his Geralt, who seemed to click with most of the fans.

“I know that there are mixed opinions out there as well, which I really thrive upon reading as well,” he said. “For me, it’s vital to go about and read—I’m on all the Reddit forums. I’m reading all the reviews. I’m literally trying to get everyone’s information. Some of it is not useful, and other criticisms are incredibly useful. I take it all in, and I look forward to bringing it even closer and closer to Sapkowski’s writing.”

The Witcher Season 2 will be available on Netflix in 2021.

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