Doom Patrol Season 2 Premiere Photos Feature a Closer Look at Dorothy

DC Universe has released a brand new set of promotional photos from the upcoming Doom Patrol Season 2 premiere. It seems that a new member is ready to join DC’s strangest group of heroes. Her name is Dorothy, and she is the Chief’s daughter. Originally created by Paul Kupperberg as a background character in the comics, she ultimately wound up a full team member. The photo set features a better look at her as she seems to be on good terms with the Team, especially with Robotman. It appears that fans will also get some more details about Larry Trainor’s life before he became Negative Man.

You can check the new Doom Patrol Season 2 premiere photos in the gallery below.

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Harry Jierjian directed the episode written by April Fitzsimmons and Neil Reynolds. The official description of “Fun Size Patrol” reads:

“In the season premiere, Niles, Jane, Cliff, Rita, Vic and Dorothy are still trapped in miniature-size, weeks after the events of last season. Camped out in Cliff’s miniature race-track set up, Dorothy tries to befriend both Cliff and Jane, while Larry does his best to figure out a way to restore everyone to their normal size once again. Meanwhile, Rita asks Vic for help in using her elastic abilities for good, while Jane hides out in the Underground and Niles tries everything to earn forgiveness for his past deeds. In the end though, Niles will have to sacrifice something very precious, by making a bargain with Willoughby Kipling (recurring guest star Mark Sheppard) in order to help the team and keep his daughter safe – and the world safe from her imaginary friends.”

Doom Patrol season 2 will premiere on DC Universe and HBO Max next Thursday, June 25.

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