Harley Quinn Season 2 Episode 12 – What Did You Think?!

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for this week’s episode of Harley Quinn!

Last week on Harley Quinn, Harley helped free the Justice League from the Book of Fables in order to stop Doctor Psycho. She also inadvertently helped the Joker realize that he was in love with an ordinary woman named Bethany. But before Harley could make another attempt to face her feelings for Poison Ivy, she was shocked to discover her mind controlled friend at Bethany’s doorstep. And Ivy was there to kill Harley for her new master. DC Universe has released Harley Quinn Season 2 episode 12, and we want to hear what the Superhero Hype community thinks about it!

Joker didn’t lift a finger to save Harley, and it took the timely arrival of Kite Man to spirit Harley away to safety. As they pondered their options, Harley and Kite Man realized that Sy Borgman’s mind lived on through his cybernetic eye. After they hooked Sy up to the TV, his digital consciousness told them how to build a device that could block Psycho’s mind control. Meanwhile, the Justice League confronted Harley’s brainwashed crew. Regardless of their inept past, King Shark and Clayface gave Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman a real fight.

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Unwilling to wait any longer, Harley left Kite Man behind and confronted Ivy. She also tried to keep the Justice League from exiling both of them to the Phantom Zone. However, Psycho had secretly laid a trap for the League. Once they got close to Ivy, they fell under the influence of her pheromones and they became amorous with each other. Meanwhile, Darkseid also arrived on Earth to witness Psycho’s triumph first hand.

Psycho forced Ivy and Harley to fight each other. But first, Kite Man arrived and gave Harly the anti-mind control devices. Kite Man’s kiss of true love couldn’t get Ivy to break free. However, Harley’s more genuine kiss of true love broke the spell just long enough for her to free Ivy. Together, they easily defeated Psycho. Darkseid was impressed enough to offer Harley control of the Earth in his name. But she turned him down because she doesn’t consider herself a villain anymore.

Harley once again confessed her love for Ivy, just as Kite Man woke up. But to get revenge on both women, Psycho used his powers to broadcast the memory of their sexual encounters for everyone in Gotham to see. The secret is out now, and Kite Man, Harley, and Ivy were left speechless.

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