New Doom Patrol Images Premiere the First Look at Dr. Tyme

A big part of what makes Doom Patrol unique is that it embraces the weirdness of its heroes and makes no apologies for it. The same is true of the show’s villains as well, particularly one who is about to debut in season 2. DC Universe (via CBR) has just dropped a handful of images from an upcoming episode of Doom Patrol’s new season. The episode marks the first live-action appearance of Dr. Tyme.

In the original DC comics, Dr. Tyme was the alias of Percival Sutter, a mad scientist with the ability to manipulate time within a confined space. Brandon Perea, a veteran of Netflix’s The OA, is playing Dr. Jonathan Tyme on Doom Patrol. Although the series retains the character’s clockface mask, the sleeveless unitard makes him look more like a wrestler than his comic book counterpart. The new images are from an episode conveniently titled “Tyme Patrol.” However, an actual premiere date hasn’t been provided.

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Here’s the official description of the episode:

Cliff, Jane, and Rita pursue Dr. Tyme (guest star Brandon Perea) – and his time-altering space mineral – in their reluctant quest to help Niles and Dorothy. At a support group, Vic meets Roni (guest star Karen Obilom), a feisty military vet who challenges his beliefs. And Larry comes face-to-face with his past at a funeral. Harry Jierjian directed the episode which is written by April Fitzsimmons and Neil Reynolds. Guest stars in the episode include Abigail Shapiro as Dorothy Spinnor, John Getz as Paul Trainor, Karen Obilom as Roni Evers, Brandon Perea as Dr. Jonathan Tyme, and Mark Ashworth as Rupert.

Doom Patrol season 2 will premiere on DC Universe and HBO Max next Thursday, June 25. Anyone who wants to catch up on the first season can find all episodes currently streaming on both services.

You can view the new photos from “Tyme Patrol” below, then share your thoughts in the comment section!

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